Malsato - Slack integration Beta

Use Malsato directly from slack or even let Malsato post daily menus directly to your slack channel.


Malsato isn’t just a webapp, it can also be your slack-service. It has two ways to interact with your slack teams: slash commands or incoming webhooks.

Slash commands

Slash commands are executed when typing / followed by a certain command. This triggers some action inside of slack. Often you get a reply back from a service. With Malsato you are able to get all the available menus directly into your channel.It could look like this:


Slack also provides an interface called incoming webhook. This enables an application, like Malsato, to directly post into your slack channel. You only have to provide the webhook url and you are good to go. Malsato can then post the menus to your preferred channel every day at a specified time.This is how it could look like: